West Coast  Labor Conference
Building Rank & File Power!
For A Democratic Trade Union Movement

Saturday June 22, 2002   9:00AM - 5:00PM
309 S. Oxford St/W. 3rd St. Los Angeles

Rank and file labor activists will be joining together to discuss and debate how we can take our unions back and go on the offensive against the union busting development training, privatization, contracting out and repression. Only a democratic trade union movement that breaks with labor-management collaboration is capable of defending working people. We need to come together so we can build solidarity links to back each other up in our struggles!

1. Where We Are? Reports From the Frontlines At Home:
SEIU 660/87/1877/UC-AFSCME Local 3299 HERE 11 & 681,  UBC Carpenters

2. How To Defend Ourselves and Fight Back To Win Our Unions Back
The campaign for one person, one vote on all officials and on all political funds,
US Labor Laws, the NLRB
The Fight against labor management schemes (business unionism) and worker rip-offs
Global Crossing and the growing corruption scandal in the AFL-CIO
Building independent media on the web, tv and radio.
(Video Screenings From Korea, US, Argentina)
The Labor Party, Greens and independent working class alternatives
Labor Action Against Repression, War and the Cutbacks

3. US Labor and the International Struggles
The War On Terrorism &  Defending Our Democratic Rights
The Trillion Dollar War Drive And Our Jobs & Social Services
The AFL-CIO in Israel, Venezuela and Puerto Rico and Real Internationalism

Donation Requested $5.00- $10.00 Sliding Scale/ Bilingual Translations Will Be Available

For Information and Registration:
Contact Multi-Racial Alliance- 323-665-9975
Bay Area Workers Democracy Network- 415-641-4440
        Or email united@labornet.org