I Left My Gun in San Francisco

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Posted by on August 11, 2001 at 04:08:46:

I'm treated like trash in my home town.
Got sick of the mo'fuckers keeping me down.
These politicians and their sad-ass gays
Gonna be sorry they waited to change.

I'm not alone in hating the rich man.
The forgotten masses are gonna stand up.
We're not trash we're brooms.
We're gonna sweep capitalism away.

There is no shame in being born poor.
My folks were honest and didn't exploit
Or kill for money like the parents of the rich
Who inherit the guilt with their fortunes.

I left my gun in San Francisco
Next to the corpse of a dead official.
High on crack he was easy to kill.
I can still hear him calling out to me.

I will not run from San Francisco.
Take the 101 bitch, I won't miss you.
All y'all rich hos in your big-ass cars
You think you're chillin' but you're targets for me.

I got no patience for the liberals
Makin' mealy-mouthed excuses for what they know is wrong,
And gettin' paid well for it.
They're not traitors 'cuz they never stood for me.

I take up arms against the system,
Killing cops and rich until they're all gone,
Turning my burning hatred of injustice
Into a force for permanent change.

Some day I'll die--all living things do
And the struggle for communism will continue.
We remember the sacrifices of the past
And learn from their victories and mistakes.

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