Looking Up from the Lowest Quintile

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Posted by on August 18, 2001 at 00:25:44:

What is the source of this bizarre society
That hates and fears skin and hair of the body?
Where freakishly tall and morbidly fat are common
Starvation amid plenty, bombs of incineration?

Rare diseases abound such as leukemia and cancer
From chemicals and radiation in air, food, and water.
Mass extinction from pavement not ice the world over.
We craze like angry ants attacking each other.

A concept was invented that harms everything living:
That one person should control what another is doing.
Humanity inflamed in a chain reaction
That unchecked will cause our ultimate destruction.

Tribal, feudal, ancient slavery:
Three prior forms of class society.
Plus capitalism makes four forms of economy
That contrast with natural human ecology.

"No, no!" experts say, "It's all about motion"
And define life as barbarity or civilization.
Great minds think alike whether bourgeois or Marxist?
Pro-capitalist theory leads to pro-capitalist practice.

True or false depends on the observer's position.
Absolute facts are for sycophants' superstition.
The circle of theory and action, cause and effect
Circumscribed for goals you previously select.

Arguments over terminology and definitions
Generally reflect broader class divisions.
Right or wrong depends on the purpose:
Support a nation of capital or the world's workers.

How to measure wealth and define classes?
By individual income or family assets?
The lowest quintile? Lumpen underclass bums?
Even Marx got suckered by that one.

Exactly which slogan do you mean to say?
"Workers have no country" or "Viva Cuba libre?"
Either one or the other--cowards sit on the fence.
Keep the forms of exploitation and you keep their substance.

Every claim of ownership is a threat of violence
No less ugly when you suspend inheritance.
"State-owned" and "people's property" are dirty lies
For M--C--M prime and C--M--C prime.

Who volunteers to be abused?
Who wants somebody to tell him what to do?
As if voting for your boss makes it any different.
End wage slavery--abolish employment.

Burn down the factories, the stores, and the banks.
Blow up the jails--kill every judge you can catch.
Profane all religion, tradition, and folklore.
Down with the government and don't make any more.

There's no such thing as a "workers' state"
And "socialist country" means Khmer Rouge hate.
Open your eyes to the reality these slogans excused:
NEP wannabes and capitalism renewed.

Lenin laid the basis for ultimate defeat.
Stalin or Trotsky? Both make me want to vomit.
Soviet leaders had big houses in the country
Plotting to convert state to family property.

Mao played games with the struggles of the poor.
Afterwards, no support for the Gang of Four.
Deng's faction was just a bunch of goons.
What kind of communist destroys communes?

Ho, Tito, Mengistu, and Castro
Repeat the same pattern all over the world.
Their how to make revolution matches their why:
Liberate the national bourgeoisie or die.

Labor union, communist, anarchist,
And all types of community activist
Are falsely divided against each other
By secret police and rich-brat leaders.

Rich anarchists deliberately confuse the wars
Of controller versus controller with controller versus controlled.
Poor anarchists greatly compound the confusion
With syndicates not communes as the solution.

There's nothing that I think is more funny
Than a self-declared communist from a family with money.
Educated, cosmopolitan, dominatingly bossy,
Smashing working-class unity into micro-parties.

Then there's the self-styled socialist:
All things to all people, both pro- and anti-communist.
Willing to accept less and calls it practical,
The functional equivalent of a radical liberal.

It's no surprise that the advocates of small steps
Have no confidence in the abilities of ordinary folks
To understand and act in their best interests
And to consider and reject the advice of learned men.

Pro-capitalist dogs snarl "Marx was wrong!"
And let nilihism and prejudice do their job.
Poor communists feel a burning hatred of the rich
And react to snarling in knee-jerk fashion.

Rich-brat leftists need to shut up and listen.
Working-class people need to stand up and shush them.
Victory is ours if we reach out and take it.
Patiently, confidently, organize!

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