Criticism and Self-Criticism

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Posted by on August 29, 2001 at 01:50:55:

Criticism is healthy and necessary.
It gives us a chance to reexamine our theory
And actions through the eyes of the masses
Whose experience we barely know.

Criticism is spontaneously given
So always pay attention.
The opportunity to learn is fleeting.
Ignoring criticism keeps us ignorant.

Criticism is an act of love
Betrayed by persons known not of
For motivations of hate, revenge, or ill will.
If they didn't care they'd say nothing at all.

Criticism must be acted upon.
To listen intently and do nothing is wrong
For the obvious reason of making friends not enemies
Whose strengths are our weaknesses.

Criticism needs a meaningful response.
It's not a problem to be managed and disposed of
As our enemies the pro-capitalists do.
How you deal with it tells a lot about you.

Criticism exposes all to ridicule
Critic, criticized, and their duel
But to mock, shout down, or silence the lone critic
Is to discredit what you deign to protect.

Criticism toward the malevolent
Brings false criticism of the critic.
Fascist, monarchist, conservative, and liberal
Humiliate themselves in defense of capital.

Criticism is the healthiest
When directed at yourself for ideas that you missed.
I myself used to support theories of workers' states
And pan-nationalist economic long cycles.

Self-criticism ends my association
And responsibility for ideas and actions
That harm the struggle against property
The maintenance of which maintains classes.

Self-criticism allows me to earn respect.
My unexplained change of position seemed abrupt.
Russia, Central America, and Los Angeles:
Success breeds conformity but failure teaches.

Self-criticism is always a good idea.
We applaud our comrades who step forward.
Men and women of courage and conviction
Our greatest hope is to someday be like you.

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