Year 2000 News Items
Dec. 10 A mass socialist party in one year? Reconsidering the California Peace and Freedom Party
Nov. 10 Higher percentage of California union members voted for Nader, than did non-union voters
Nov. 8 It wasn't Nader, it was Buchanan, who cost Gore the election
Nov. 8 Karl Marx comments on the 2000 presidential election
Nov. 7 Buy books online from a unionized bookstore (Powell's) and help the workers at the same time
Nov. 4 New York Times "Labor for Nader" advertisement, Nov. 3
Nov. 1 How to keep Bush out of the White House - in 3 easy steps
Oct. 5 Canadian Labour Congress demands freedom for Leonard Peltier
Sept. 11 Human Needs demonstrations: Los Angeles, Sept. 26 • San Francisco, Sept. 20-23 • Prague, Sept. 24-26
Sept. 11 Send an email on behalf of the SAG/AFTRA commercial actors strike
Aug. 28 Exclusive interview with Cuban labor leader, Leonel Gonzalez
Aug. 27 UE endorses Nader
Aug. 27 L.A. Times strikes out on actors' coverage/Editor calls for reestablishing the Labor Beat
Aug. 26
Tensions run high at United Airlines, by Jon Hillson